Qualisys, is a leading provider of precision motion capture and 3D positioning tracking system with maker-based & markerless. With a +30 years-long history of supplying a variety of industries with high-end camera systems and expertise. Indoor, outdoor, ground-to-air or underwater – no matter what condition, we have the solutions. Combined with specialized software modules, the system offers a complete motion capture solution that can be used for research studies, from data capture to analysis and report.


Qualisys Sports Performance System is designed to provide athletes and their trainers with a solid, evidence-based foundation for improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. It is scalable, easy to use and provides precise and immediately valuable results.


Support for third-party equipment like force plates, EMGs, and analog signal display enables easy access to analysis in Visual3D, MotionMonitor, MATLAB, or other biomechanics packages.


Link: https://www.qualisys.com